Custom Fishing Rods


Custom built fishing rods – do it yourself and save money!

I often get asked whether or not having a rod built custom for you will make any difference in your fishing experience and the answer is simple: a resounding, yes!

Anything you build yourself - or have built for you - comes with a certain amount of pride and uniqueness. That’s what my customers demand. They want high quality craftsmanship and a unique rod that fits their needs.

If you’re looking to build your own custom rod then by all means I suggest you take a look around for the right fishing rod blank, butt caps, fishing rod butts, and so on to create your masterpiece. Or, you can simply buy a rod building kit and the right tools and equipment. You can find these all online.

But, if you’re looking for a higher end rod with custom decaling, high end reel, custom cork grip and many other features then you’ll need to hire an experienced rod builder.

Custom rod building is an art, plain and simple. No two rods are alike. No two rod builders have the same techniques or signature style.

Rod builders pride themselves in pleasing you and making the best rod possible. Yes, you’ll pay more than you would at a high end outdoor store but only you will know the pleasure that comes with a fishing rod built just for you.

If you are looking for a custom built fishing rod then you’ve come to the right place.